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30th & Madison Street

One of the central elements of RPOP's Black wealth creation strategy involes the development of community-owned real estate assets in Russell. The Madison Street property, our first major capital project, is a site currently owned by Louisville Metro Government but committed to RPOP. Located at the intersection of 30th & Madison Street, the property spans 5 acres and is neighbored by the Louisville Urban League's Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Complex. RPOP is working closely with Russell residents to determine the future of this shared space and our goal is to create a development featuring shared ownership and a variety of uses defined by residents. We envision the development will serve as a community asset, a catalyst for generational wealth and a model for other community projects. Together, we can make 30th & Madison a space to uplift Russell voices and facilitate the success of our community.

Photos of Property

Watch the recording of our virtual community conversation from November 9, 2020

Discussions included:

  • What Russell residents, business owners, and community leaders love about the people and places in the Russell Neighborhood
  • What Russell residents and other stakeholders would like to see at the 30th & Madison Street site
  • The connections that Russell stakeholders have to the warehouses and/or property
  • The best ways to engage Russell residents and build a partnership for this process
  • Brainstorm sessions of who should be engaged throughout this process
  • The challenges that Russell stakeholders foresee for this process

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