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Partnership Pledge

The Partnership Pledge is a guide for Russell residents and RPOP partners to establish decision making processes around investments, future strategies, policy and advocacy, and our future organizational form from now until our launch. The Partnership Pledge outlines values and practices to ensure alignment with residents' vision.

"We are redefining wealth. We are driven to think critically and consciously with Russell at the center. We, the people of Russell, are the promise of the community."

-  Russell residents, R4R Coalition, RPOP team, & signers of the Partnership Pledge

Black wealth is:

Worth beyond debt and income
A sense of security that allows Black inheritors to be self-sufficient and abundant
The stories we tell our children, the landscape of our homes, the values we share with our families
The fruit of our labor and the effort to provide stable and thriving lifestyles for future generations
Protecting our property, values, and roots

Why sign the pledge?

  • You are in solidarity with Russell residents and their vision to be centered in the investment, futures strategies, involvement, and policy and advocacy happening in the Russell neighborhood
  • You know the people of Russell are what makes it special, and believe residents should be considered in decision-making in their neighborhood
  • You want to be a part of the decision-making for Russell
  • You are tired of non-Russell residents making decisions in the Russell neighborhood
  • You want to be a part of the changes happening in Russell, with the people of Russell

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