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Storytelling Project

"The revolution will be spoken by you, by me, and by our community. You may have ears, but will you listen? Utilizing the voices of 3 Russell residents, this project seeks to admire the art that is storytelling."

- Doneah Marshall

The RPOP team celebrates Black ancestry and narrative change through the art of storytelling. For decades, media has conveyed the Russell neighborhood through a deficit framing lens. It is a part of our work at RPOP to shift these incomplete and insufficient stories and tell the story of Russell through an asset-based framing lens led by Russell residents.

We believe that the true story of RPOP can only be told by Russell residents and community members.

These are the stories that shape the Russell community today.

Listen and read narratives of current and former Russell Residents

"As as resident-centered community development, I feel like some of these homes should become available for [renters] to purchase them and I think they then would become more prideful in being a property owner."

Chandra Blake

"Every time that I wrote, in my mind I was writing a love letter to Black people. I was writing to us. And I was also writing to other people to say, this is who we are...I think some people resented that face that I wrote about Black people as human was never a burden to cover the Black community…"

Betty Bayé

"[Russell is] a neighborhood with a strong sense of community, a rich history, and a lot of potential."

Markham French

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