Our Team

RPOP makes it a priority to hire staff and work with an advisory board that is representative of the community we serve. RPOP's work is led by a majority Black staff. Because of our range of unique skills, the RPOP team has been able to reach hundreds of Russell residents, businesses, faith leaders, and other community members.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of Russell residents, business owners, community members, and partners. The Advisory Board participates in meetings and decision making and supports community engagement.

Picture of Ruth Daniels
Ruth Daniels
Russell Resident
Picture of Rene Douglas
Rene Douglas
Southwick Community Center; Former Russell resident
Picture of Kevin L. Dunlap
Kevin L. Dunlap
Rebound Inc.
Picture of Mary Grissom
Mary Grissom
Community Foundation of Louisville
Picture of Haven Harrington III
Haven Harrington III
Russell resident; Russell business owner
Picture of Alice K. Houston
Alice K. Houston
HJI Solutions
Picture of CeCoyia Johnson
CeCoyia Johnson
Byck Elementary School
Picture of Lyndon Pryor
Lyndon Pryor
Louisville Urban League
Picture of Paul Resch
Paul Resch
Blacksmith Ironworks
Picture of David Shadburne
David Shadburne
Park Community Credit Union

Our Team

Picture of Cassandra Webb
Cassandra Webb
Director of Place of Promise Initiative (Cities United), Russell: A Place of Promise Co-Lead
Picture of Theresa Zawacki
Theresa Zawacki
Executive on Loan (Louisville Metro Government), Russell: A Place of Promise Co-Lead
Picture of Doneah Marshall
Doneah Marshall
Administrative Support Specialist, Cities United
Picture of Daphne Walker
Daphne Walker
Communications Outreach Specialist, Cities United
Picture of Maya White
Maya White
Senior Associate of Place of Promise Initiative, Cities United
Picture of Dr. Camara Douglas
Dr. Camara Douglas
Community Outreach Specialist, Cities United
Picture of Marcus Stubbs
Marcus Stubbs
Community Outreach Specialist, Cities United
Picture of Angela Wilson
Angela Wilson
RPOP Housing Project Manager, REBOUND/Louisville Urban League

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